Candace Roberts

At the age of eight Candace glommed onto theater after snatching the highly coveted role of the Virgin Mary in the 3rd grade nativity play. It was just the beginning of what proved to be a long tenure as resident “goody-two-shoes”, including stints as Dorothy, Alice and Little Red Riding Hood. Later, Candace studied music and did social work for a number of years. While accumulating upwards of 763 odd jobs, Candace eventually began making short films and writing songs.

In actuality, Candace Roberts is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter, filmmaker and cabaret artist. Since 2014 Candace has released two music videos calling out gentrification and income inequality in San Francisco: “Not My City Anymore” and “Hello Ed Lee“. In 2015 Candace released “Take Back Your Beaver”, a not-so-serious, feminist romp (nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards) about reclaiming pubic hair and our bodies. Furthermore, Candace romances herself in her latest 2016 video, “Say I Do“, a comic nod to marriage, which also pays homage to the titular track of her 2010 album “Honeymoon for One”. Candace’s work has been covered by the BBC, KQED, NBC, NPR, Fox News, the SF Chronicle and Bitch Magazine. She’s been playing to full houses, most notably the Fillmore, Cafe du Nord, the Lost Church, and the Make-Out Room. She also rocks the house concert circuit and had a three year residency at Martuni’s Piano Bar. Candace’s cabaret shows, often deemed “brave”, are chock-full of original songs and American songbook covers and they deliver big on social commentary and confessional story-telling, covering wide-ranging topics such as: sex, self-worth, body image, consumerism, gentrification, immigration, racism and more.

Ed Lee pink border
“Hello Ed Lee” Song & Music Video
Not My City Anymore Saloon Girls
“Not My City Anymore” Song & Music Video
Candace Roberts Sings
Candace Roberts Sings