Please Donate to my Kickstarter Campaign for my new music video “Take Back Your Beaver!”

  Please Donate to my Kickstarter Campaign!

Hello Friends and Family:

This here is my official Kickstarter fundraising campaign for my new music video called “Take Back Your Beaver.”  Any support would be greatly appreciated and here is the link to donate on my Kickstarter page.

Some of you might recall that this is my second go-round with Kickstarter. I successfully funded “Not My City Anymore” in 2014, raising over $5,000. Not My City Anymore shed light on gentrification and income inequality in San Francisco and was picked up by the BBC, KQED, the San Francisco Chronicle and Fox News.  Hope we can do it again!

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The beach scene from Take Back Your Beaver

Photo by Jane Goldman.  With the Cast!

Yes it’s a music video about beavers … as in “down there.” Once upon a time in my early 20s I was actually rejected by someone for having a beaver. It seems as if beavers have become an endangered species these days. So I wrote a song about it and I’m in the middle of editing a music video urging folks of all stripes to take back their beavers. In other words, take back your power! Now I’m not saying you have to grow a big ole beaver. I just wanna broaden the definition of what is deemed beautiful down there … and in general. This is a body positive video urging folks to be in their bodies however they choose to be and want to be … not adhering to someone else’s dictates!

“Take Back Your Beaver” has been a huge hit at my cabaret shows.  Watch a live version here. I’ve been so fortunate to work with an incredible cast and crew, many of whom worked on “Not My City Anymore.” All the footage has been shot and it all cost money from lighting and camera equipment to costumes, makeup, props, locations, editing and animation. I borrowed a bunch of money from friends and family to get this project started and now I’d like to involve you so I can pay them back!  Plus I need to finish paying the crew as well.

In the meantime, please check out some of the rewards I’m offering as a thank you for supporting me … such as your name in the credits, a download of the song, a tee shirt with our fabulous logo, and many more.It’s amazing how much time and energy we put into fretting about these bodies of ours. And why are we so revolted by beavers in the first place? No More Shame! Take Back Your Beaver! Thank you!


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“Hello Ed Lee” Song & Music Video
Not My City Anymore Saloon Girls
“Not My City Anymore” Song & Music Video
Candace Roberts Sings
Candace Roberts Sings