“Not My City Anymore” screens at El Rio: Sept 4th

 “Not My City Anymore” Screens at Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema

  • El Rio Bar (3158 Mission St): Sept 4th @ 7pm
  • Donations accepted at the door. Must be 21 years of age

Official Kick-off Party and Preview of the 11th annual Summer Season bringing together filmmakers, friends, sponsors and supporters. The party commences with a no-host bar, hors d’oeuvres and live music. This year, the program features a short line-up of films and trailers and special appearance by Johnny Steele, well-known SF-based Standup comedian. The excitement includes the announcement of winners of the Best of Bernaland Spirit of Bernal Awards. 

Until Alone Becomes Lonely
Maddy Leonard          Visual Poem          3 min
Two young women, each who believes herself to be alone, discover the difference between loneliness and solitude.

Not My City Anymore
Candace Roberts          Music Video          6 min
It’s a Gold Rush and the local denizens of San Francisco are lamenting the inevitable cultural and economic stresses the city faces. Shot at the new Gold Dust Lounge.

The Spinster
Kristin Tieche           Thriller          18 min
Phoebe, a smart and sassy bike mechanic, longingly looks for love as she rides the streets of San Francisco. Stopping in at her favorite haunt she meets and feels instant chemistry when she meets Michael. Will this charming newcomer be the one, or just another link in the chain? When her crush spins out of control, Phoebe learns that love is a vicious cycle.

WA_Boomtown_Tahara_smlBoomtown 3.0: One Day in SF 2014
Benoit Lacasse          Documentary          10 min
The impact of the current wave of San Francisco gentrification on performance arts through the lens of Tahara, original member o the legendary Cockettes troupe, now battling eviction. This film was shot in one day for theOne Day on Earth project, a call for films about the future of our ities.

3-STILL-STANDING_sml3 Still Standing (clip of feature-length film to be released 11/14)
Donna LoCicero and Robert Campos Documentary          10 min
Three stand-up comics seek fame and fortune in the hottest comedy scene in the world: San Francisco in the 1980s. There they meet rising stars Robin Williams and Dana Carvey. Success, it seems, is one good stand-up set away. Will Durst, Larry “Bubbles” Brown and Johnny Steele are being courted by agents and studios when suddenly the comedy recession hits. We follow them on a 30-year journey that is both hilarious and moving, through comedy’s boom and bust and into their current scramble to survive as comics.

Ed Lee pink border
“Hello Ed Lee” Song & Music Video
Not My City Anymore Saloon Girls
“Not My City Anymore” Song & Music Video
Candace Roberts Sings
Candace Roberts Sings